Ultimately, dogs – and their owners – loved the new logo. So much in fact, that people reaching out to learn more about Bow Wow Academy increased by over 20% YOY. And if that wasn't enough, the logo found a special place in the design community's heart as well, including Brand New's "Best Wordmarks of 2022" list, where it received unanimous praise and "a round of apaws" from Armin Vit himself.​​​​​​​
Colour was another facet used to manifest positivity. The palette initially derives from the original brand but also introduces the grassy greens dogs play, poop, and sniff on. The brand also carries a badge to reinforce the academic hard work of the school and is used in the graduation materials.
Creative Director: Hans Thiessen
Senior Designer/Creative Direction: Zoë Boudreau
Account Manager: Patsy Gannon
Client: Yoko Sakai
Jr. Designer: Aviva Davis
Animator: Mike Labrow
Copywriter: Aman Soin
Jr. Photography Assistant: Anthony Kalliris
Talent: Otis
Font: Brevia, GT Walsheim Condensed Bold ​​​​​​​

Awards + Recognition:
13th Best Wordmark of 2022 on Brand New
Communication Arts Award for Integrated Branding Program​​​​​​​
Merit at the Marketing Awards in the Design Category
Applied Art for Small Business Campaign 
Applied Art for Single Logo
Bronze at the ADCC awards in the logotype category
Shortlisted in the One Show
Featured on World Brand Design Society
Featured on Abduzeedo
Featured on Card Dsgn
Featured on Logos.Ai
Featured on Brand New
Featured on Ads of the World

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