Dynamic Logo Decal that showcases Student Artwork
 For Woo's first issue, we decided on the theme, Unbound. We wanted to allow a space to express liberty in whatever form we saw fit, despite the possibility of it being drastically different from the typical book form. Our evocative, intriguing, and sometimes uncomfortable subject matter is ultimately what sets us apart, and we wanted Unbound to be a safe space to embrace just that: in all of its content, form, and experience.​​​​​​​
 For Woo's second issue, there was a desire to celebrate work influenced by other aspects of our lives. Leak celebrates connections that seep into our practice, from partnerships, mixed media or simply thematics of fluidity to recognize the many layers associated to art. We were determined to stay true to challenging Woo's form, and what better way to convey a "leak" than a publication that literally spills out of its casing?
For more information about Woo Publication visit www.woopublication.ca

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